Welcome To Brazos Kempo & Vale Tudo


LogoFirst and foremost here at Brazos Kempo & Vale Tudo, we are dedicated to empowering our students through the use of Martial Arts training and conditioning. Be it our after school Karate Enrichment program, Black Belt training program or the specialized training program of your choice. You can rest assured that our instruction and programs are second to none.

Our goal is simple. At Brazos Kempo & Vale Tudo, we work to enhance your thought process as opposed to teaching you how to fight. The method used to enhance the thought process is martial arts training, but the training is only a means to an end as we realize that our most valuable weapon is our mind.

Blending old school Dojo discipline and training techniques with the dynamic adaptation and versatility of Mixed Martial Arts fighting, students of Brazos Kempo & Vale Tudo are trained to respond to and engage threats both standing or on the ground.

The breadth and depth of our curriculum combined with a sound understanding of real world Martial applications make us Unique in the world of Martial Arts instruction. We don’t teach you to memorize countless hours of choreographed static routines that many times may ultimately get you hurt. Instead we open your mind to the possibilities that exist to help you avoid conflict and if all else fails, be able to engage with a plan and the confidence you need to appropriately respond to the threat and return to your loved ones.