About Us

I learned in a rough way one night in a dimly light hallway that after nearly three years of training at a local Martial Arts Studio, I knew nothing about fighting when it came to saving my life. Thankfully, I was mentally prepared to consciously use my words and body movement to talk my way out of harm. Yet the question always remained--what if?

Though there had been numerous instances where I was a target for harm--from the standard every day jumping to times when I was faced with everything from a screwdriver to a pistol--none of these instances phased me more than when I was in very close proximity to the man who changed my martial arts future.

He outweighed me by at least 35 pounds and had just got out of prison. Thankfully while he was talking to me, he did me the favor of using his eyes and head movement to bring my attention to the edged weapon he had the whole time in his right hand.

At that moment, my life was truly in his hands. I physically froze. My mind racing and contemplating possibilities while hoping that he does not grab me and plunge that knife into my chest. Nothing I learned in the previous 3 years prepared me for this moment. He was not operating in any manner I was taught to deal with a knife and his weapon did not have the 6 inch rubber toy blade I had taken away from so many of my training partners. Instead the blade on my attacker's knife was about 4” inches long. As I am looking at his hand, all I see is silver and I wait to see what he will do. I waited because I did not want to escalate the situation. If he would have attacked, of course I would have made every effort to defend myself. A fact that I confirmed in subsequent years of training was something I knew then about the reality of defending yourself against someone that close, that big and strong, all while empty handed--not an impossible venture but extremely unlikely. I knew back then that if he did not kill me, my life was never going to be the same anyway.

Obviously I made it out of that hallway amd not too much longer after that incident stopped attending that school. I set out on a mission to make sure what happened that night would never happen again. I can’t control whether or not someone chooses to pull a knife on me again so that is not my intent. I never intend to stand there again while someone else decides whether I go home in my car or an ambulance.

To that end Brazos Kempo & Vale Tudo was born. As the Chief Instructor, I am first and foremost a student of Martial Arts and various training and fighting methods. I have nearly two decades of training and conditioning in different Styles and methods of armed and unarmed fighting techniques and training. My mission is to provide a comprehensive system for self-preservation that identifies and builds on the strength of each individual student. Unfortunately I have been to too many schools where the intent was for the instructor to clone him or herself by making sure everyone did it exactly as he or she did. To us, your well-being is more important than preserving the continuity of this so called style. Ultimately people need to know that what they are learning can truly be applied to save their life.

Honor Code:

Peace is always preferred to war
If I should ever have to use my training
I will use it to protect myself and those I care about
Learning to fight is not my goal
As I know
Unjustified Violence
Disrupts Harmony
My training is to promote balance between body and mind
To help me make a better contribution to society