Fight and Flight

     Welcome Fight and Flight to the purpose of this section is to smack you in the face with the violent world in which we live. My intention here is to provide a detailed overview of the situation and analyze both the attacker’s and defender’s movements on their own and in relation to each other; with the goal of learning from these situations to better improve your chances for survival.

Welcome to Walking the Path

     Finally the website is mine. By mine, I mean that it is finally paid for. Even though the website has been up for over six months now, I must admit that I have not yet gotten used to giving the website the attention it needs. Please be patient as I diligently work to make the blog all that I envision. Previous to this post, you will notice there are three other posts that you have access to.

The path to nutritional balance

It just makes sense that on the path to be our true selves, we pay homage to age old wisdom that insists "you are what you eat". Nothing new to anyone reading these words, yet so many suffer unnecessarily and voluntarily because of what I can only attribute to convenience, ignorance, habit, or just indifference. Please do not misunderstand I am not perfect. Just between me and you, I have this crazy thing for Big Macs without any sauce.

Hands to a knife fight?

I have been contemplating for some time now the prospect of being unarmed; in this case bladeless and forced to preserve my life against someone utilizing an edged weapon. I have had the honor of training with a Kung Fu practitioner that I respect and he indicated that he would be willing to sacrifice a hand to the blade while fighting to overcome the initial attack.