Hands to a knife fight?

I have been contemplating for some time now the prospect of being unarmed; in this case bladeless and forced to preserve my life against someone utilizing an edged weapon. I have had the honor of training with a Kung Fu practitioner that I respect and he indicated that he would be willing to sacrifice a hand to the blade while fighting to overcome the initial attack. I cannot disagree with this stance as it represents nothing more than damage control.  However, the idea of willingly sacrificing any part of my body is understandable but at the same time unacceptable. I would have a hard time sacrificing my hand for one simple reason-What if I need it later to completely remove myself from harm; whether that means having to continue to fight the same or new attackers, gain access to weapon or means of escape?

All of what I have learned up to this point lead me to believe that there is a great chance of injury to your person whenever they are armed and you are not. Now this should be a no brainer to most people, but I am sure there are some people out there who believe and know otherwise. I am open to knowledge and would love to add the ability to realistically fight empty handed against a blade and not get cut. For those out there who have this ability, please share.

SOG Trainers