Real Estate Safety and Awareness

Real Estate Safety and Awareness Training Program

Real Estate Agent being assualted

Course Overview:

The BKVT Realtor Safety and Awareness Training Program exists to, specifically, address the needs of Real Estate professionals and concerns arising from the issues related to showing properties to complete strangers, as well as the possible ramifications to their personal safety. This program was created to provide a basis of knowledge that will empower real estate professionals to identify the aspects of human behavior that can be used to indicate a person’s true intentions. The knowledge the program could provide, we believe, is extremely important to real estate professionals’ safety, to which it could prevent any possible dangerous situations, or at least prepare them for it. By no means are we are able to tell the future nor are we mind readers. But we do understand that there are clues that people consciously and subconsciously give off based on their true intentions. Our goal is to make real estate professionals aware of these clues in an effort to aid in the decision making process of determining if a person may pose a threat to personal safety. The course is composed of 3 areas of emphasis: Awareness, Pre- Action, and Action.


The awareness portion of this course is designed to provide the real estate professional to identify and analyze the behavior, action, and inaction of a client or potential threat. This training will also allow them to be able to better understand their own actions and inaction in relation to a client or possible threat. This is beneficial not only in identifying a potential threat, but also allows them to assess the attitude of all potential clients and be in a better position to create rapport, which facilitates a better understanding of that client’s motivations. This will empower the real estate professional to make the adjustments as needed, ultimately furthering the process of either identifying a possible threat or simply closing the deal.

    Some of the Topics Discussed

  1. The limbic system and the effect on human behavior
  2. Freeze, Flight, and Fight
  3. Pacifying Behaviors

Pre- Action

Be Proactive

The pre-action section of the course will provide the Real Estate professional with information to help them identify areas where they can prepare before even meeting a client. This discussion will address actions that are geared toward helping the real estate professional adopting a pro-active attitude in regards to staying safe. Pre-action involves a complete analysis of their individual behavior, attitudes, patterns, and routines that may lend to that agent being victimized. Pre-action also involves putting a plan in place beforehand, so if it is necessary to move to the action stage, the agent will be able to react instinctively and effectively in regards to dealing with a threat.

Some of the topic discussed

  1. Recognizing unsafe or potentially dangerous habits, patterns, and routines
  2. Correcting unsafe or potentially dangerous habits, patterns, and routines
  3. Creating and implementing an action plan
  4. Stashing and concealing weapons
  5. The pros  and cons of being armed


The action stage represents a total breakdown of the two preceding stages, as now the real estate professional may be in a situation where he or she is fighting for their life. This section is comprised of material and actual hands-on techniques designed to help the agent create space between themselves and the threat with the intent to get away from the threat completely.

Some of the Topic Discussed

  1. Lethal vs. Non-Lethal
  2. Triggers and switches
  3. Weapon Deployment
  4. Practice, practice, practice
  5. Self-defense vs self-preservation

 Meet the Instructors:

James Hall-My background in martial arts training started with studying in the American Kempo style and teachings of Fred Villari and Ed Parker. I have trained in and am familiar with both Japanese and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as Judo.  My weapons training and expertise is a product of my Kempo background and study in the Filipino based Sayoc Kali. I am currently pursuing certifications for instruction in both Tai Chi Chuan (The Yang Style) and Shaolin Chin Na. My goal at Brazos Kempo & Vale Tudo is to give my students the ability they need to always be able to return home to love ones. To that end, we stress that your brain is the most important weapon you possess. The nature of violence and conflict is vast and, at many times, overwhelming even for a trained respondent. We understand and emphasize that one of the ways that you can truly stay safe is by being aware, as well as using your power of observation to recognize a potentially unsafe situation and to avoid it at all costs.

 P.J. Brothers- PJ Brothers is a police officer who has worked for several different agencies in Arizona, most currently serving as a reserve officer for the Superior Police Department in Superior, AZ.  He is a certified instructor for both Domestic Violence and High Risk Stops.  He has attended numerous advanced Domestic Violence courses for Law Enforcement.   He is currently a stay at home father, taking care of his wife and three children.