Training Programs

Black Belt Program

A Training program created to take the student from white to black belt and beyond; as the black belt represents a beginning as opposed an end. Training for the black belt program is designed to provide students with a solid understanding of armed and unarmed hand to hand combat both standing and on the ground. To that end Brazos Kempo and Vale Tudo employs time honored traditional training methods designed to hold each student accountable for their progress or lack thereof. The Black belt program is comprised of 3 levels of ability; beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Weapons training is a required curiculum and at each level of ability, students learm the basics of a new type of weapon.(Child & Adult)

Specialized Martial Training

This program is geared towards the experienced martial artists, current and retired law enforcement or military personnel and first responders. It is designed to help experienced fighters sharpen or maintain their level of skill or ability. Specialized training differs from the Black Belt program in that these sessions are self-guided to allow students to specifically address areas for training emphasis. These training sessions typically are best taught in a group environment to allow for the greatest variation of training partners. Specialized training sessions are high impact-high intensity training sessions conducted in a manner as to safely simulate fight or flight scenarios as close as possible. (Adult)

Fitness Training and Conditioning

A training program for those who feel the need to decrease body fat percentage, prepare for an upcoming race or whatever big event you need to be in the best shape for. Let us design a program for you based on your goals and individualized around your life. Our fitness and training programs are built on results that are real and verifiable. Utilizing a comprehensive integrated approach, we help you reach your fitness goals via a targeted regimen customized for you. (Child and Adult)

Cardio Fight Training

A training program for those in shape or those looking to increase their level of fitness. This class is the MMA version of cardio Kickboxing routines. While Kick-boxing fundamentals play a huge part of this training, we also provide the benefits of MMA and ground-fighting fundamentals in a fast paced, high impact-high intensity workout designed to increase both cardio vascular and muscular endurance as well basic self- preservation. Equally Ideal for Martial arts students who take their training seriously or those looking to get in great shape and learn something new. (Child and Adult)

Real Estate Saftey and Awareness 

The BKVT Realtor Safety and Awareness Training Program exists to, specifically, address the needs of Real Estate professionals and concerns arising from the issues related to showing properties to complete strangers, as well as the possible ramifications to their personal safety. This program was created to provide a basis of knowledge that will empower real estate professionals to identify the aspects of human behavior that can be used to indicate a person’s true intentions.