Weapons Training

Weapons Training

I enjoy trainig with weapons that are traditionally taught at Martial arts schools--the Bo Staff, Butterfly and Chinese Hook Swords being my favorites. If you currently train with or have an interest in training with traditional weapons, we strongly recommend that you do. At Brazos Kempo and Vale Tudo however, we do not train with traditional weapons simply because we probably won’t be fighting with them. Our mission is to provide training that will ensure our students' greatest chance of survival and to that end, we train with weapons that we interact with every-day.

Beginning students learn the basics of both staff and stick fighting

Intermediate Students learn the basics of flexible weapons

Advanced Students learn the basics edged of weapons

Staff and Stick Training: The basics of holding, moving ,defending and striking vitals areas with a stick or staff

Stick Training

Flexible Weapon Training: The basics of holding, moving, defending, striking and controlling an opponent using flexible weapons

Edged Weapon Training: The basics of moving, defending and striking against an opponent using an edged weapon.  As part of our Black Belt Program we do not teach any offensive edged weapons techniques. Offensive edged weapons techniques are only taught in specialized training or to those who have met the rank requirement of Shodan.

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