Welcome to Walking the Path

     Finally the website is mine. By mine, I mean that it is finally paid for. Even though the website has been up for over six months now, I must admit that I have not yet gotten used to giving the website the attention it needs. Please be patient as I diligently work to make the blog all that I envision. Previous to this post, you will notice there are three other posts that you have access to. These posts like so many other things on this site have been a test for what I have deemed our official launch day, so everything up to this point has been one big beta test (at least that’s what I tell myself).

     In regards to “Walking the Path”, the title reflects my intent and the blog is dedicated to backing my words and thoughts with action. I will never say or mention anything that you probably haven’t heard before. I have no groundbreaking discoveries or earth shattering news. I am merely reflecting on my attempt to clearly define and walk the path that provides me with clarity and balance. We all have different paths to walk, so I will never strive to impress you with my daily toils of struggle in an attempt to stress upon you the genuine nature of my turmoil. Instead, I will relay the motivation for what I am doing and as I do it, I will document vital information in the form of words and pictures.

     I am motivated most by attaining the strongest heart and calmest mind possible. A strong heart and calm mind will transfer to every other aspect of my life. Because the heart is the organ responsible for transporting what is necessary for us to perform at the peak of physical and mental ability; it is imperative that it be strong. For this this reason, I do everything possible to promote proper heart health, conditioning, and maintenance. To that end, we spend a lot of time engaged in and discussing physical activity. The ability to relax and center yourself are the product of a calm mind. A calm mind is essential in too many ways to account for. In addition to being a core component of fruitful meditation, a calm mind also helps you to focus and concentrate both in times of calmness and conflict.

     This blog is dedicated to learning and ultimately being the truest me that I can be. I will be doing a great number of things that I have never done before just to expose myself to and learn. Up to this point, I have made quite a few mistakes. I will share each of these where relevant in order to spare you from making those same mistakes. So why can’t I just be me without documenting it in the form of a blog? What is so important that I have to share it? Like I mentioned before, I am saying nothing new but in many cases saying things that people need to hear more of or things that they may have never heard at all. I believe this can make a difference simply because of the vast number of writings, teachings and practices that American society as a whole is ignorant of. Many of those who are aware of these practices may casually dismiss them as myth or superstition despite the fact that many of these theories, thoughts and practices have been used for thousands of years and are still in use today. Everything from the “Black Arts” to ways to cleanse and clean your brain and bone marrow are things that the average person can learn today.

 In this day and age of literal useless information overload, even the most common knowledge must be revisited or brought to the front of thought. For example; something as simple as “you are what you eat!” How many times have you heard or said this to yourself? Yet if you examine a vast majority of what is available to eat in the form of frozen, fast, and processed food and the numbers of Americans who consume these products multiple times daily, it seems obvious that people never think of those words nor do they truly comprehend how something as simple as eating the right foods consistently can impact their life.

     This blog exists for two primary reasons; to promote thought and create action. A strong heart will provide us the mental and physical fortitude to engage and endure. A calm mind promotes harmony, balance and clarity. We must truly seek to comprehend the connection between our mind and body and be able to sense our body only going to where our mind leads it.